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Possibly the most important score you will ever get!

 Example Rhino 10/10 Score.

Example Rhino 10/10 Score.


The reason the word DIET starts with DIE is because they’re not that fun. Also, no one can be super strict their entire life. But following this program for 40 days will turn you into a cleaned out, leaned out, “energied” up, charging RHINO! So follow for the first 40 days with great discipline and gusto, and then you can add in some “cheats.”

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I am a Christian. Is it appropriate for me to do this meditation and yoga?

This is an extremely important question, and one that deserves significant prayer and thought.  Certainly what we do in terms of our minds, hearts, and bodies matters a great deal to God and can influence us powerfully either toward or away from God.  Ultimately I believe a person should choose to do or not to do based on their conscience, provided they have an understanding of the Bible and its core teachings. Click to read more...

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