Collecting data to implement scientifically-proven methods.


We believe that the body heals itself and stays healthy when it’s treated right. This is why we begin the Rhino 10/10 program with a series of tests to help us understand what your body needs. This is a very important step so we can set you up for success! Some of the parameters we may test you on are seen below.



State of the art care for your spine based on your specific misalignments. This allows for full flow of life through your nervous system, long-lasting joints, and minimal to no back pain.


Nothing predicts early disease like poor posture. Very specific exercises to correct your posture will ensure your spine and joints stay healthy and you avoid the nursing home!


Look good naked!  Also avoid diabetes and other life-stealing conditions that come from high body fat.

4. Stress assessment

We will measure using the Pulse Wave Profiler (PWP), a research-grade tool that allows the doctor to assess the effect that long-term stress is having on the general state of the patient’s wellbeing.


Dial in your nutrient intake by knowing exactly what foods are contributing to inflammation, pain, low energy, and disease acceleration in your body. Know exactly what foods to avoid with a simple printout.

6. strength AND Power

Re-gain the strength you’ve lost and thought you may never get back.  Ensure you will be a contributing member to your family and your community for generations to come.  Avoid being a burden because you can’t perform simple daily tasks.

7. Mobility & Flexibility

Maintain healthy mobility and healthy joints for years to come. Be 100% American–Keep your shoulders, knees, hips and other body parts the way God made them…don’t replace them with cheap, plastic imitations.

8. Work Capacity

Remember when you used to mow lawns, buck a truckload of hay, unload the groceries (including the 50-pound dog food bags), without breaking a sweat? We will ensure you can do it all again. And again. And again.  

9. Blood Test

Rather than just, “I feel pretty good,” four of the most dangerous words known to man, receive accurate testing to assess your current levels of the most critical factors for health.

10. perceived stress

With the pressures of family obligations, the service club you’re involved in, church involvement, the kids’ and spouse’s needs, finances (the dollar doesn’t buy what it used to!), you don’t have the same level of peace you used to!  And you can feel it.  Accurately measuring your level of nerve stress—and having the technology to correct it and measure the correction—may literally save your life.  Your family will thank you for it!