Founded by teacher and clinical consultant to chiropractors all over the world, Dr. Todd Royse.


In the early 90’s (gulp!) I worked my way through pre-med training at UCLA as a personal fitness trainer to many A-list stars in Malibu, CA.  I wanted to be a surgeon!  I learned a lot about human performance and coaching as a trainer, student, EMT, and volunteer at the UCLA Med Center seeing medicine in action.

My wife now says I am an “adrenaline junky,” because I was a crazy mountain bike racer. She still calls me that as I go a little wild with our 4 boys, Mason, Skyler, Beau, and Jakob.  We love to hike, bike, hunt, paddleboard, jump off waterfalls… if it’s outside, we love it!

While at school at UCLA I had a severe mountain bike crash that left me bloodied and with a fractured spine and 3 broken ribs.  The pain was unbearable!  I sought every type of health care I knew and found no help with my injury.  I was led to an amazing chiropractor who worked in the fitness club where I was a trainer (thank you, God!)  I knew nothing about chiropractic!  He nurtured me back to terrific health with his specific care.  He saved my life!

I knew I was called into chiropractic to serve others with the care that helped me so much.  Now for the last 19 years I have avidly pursued changing lives through advanced chiropractic and the tools of healing I have learned from other disciplines.  We have seen so many miracles seeing over 10,000 patients, from babies to Pro athletes!

Then in 2013, my wife was diagnosed with cancer. I knew we needed to take an even deeper dive into what makes a body heal. So we pursued every imaginable avenue of healing.  She is the strongest person I know!  It turns out that sickness leaves clues and they can be spotted and dealt with if you use the right tools!  So we became healing super-heroes, with a touch of silliness, Dr. Sprout and Green Girl, to help others with those same tools.   We’re now teaching those principles with Rhino 10/10, as we soak up every precious minute of life together.

Nutrition and fitness have always been a passion of mine, as an Ironman triathlete and marathoner to competitive CrossFit athlete.  I love teaching and chose to help others pursue their fitness dreams by coaching triathletes and becoming a certified CrossFit trainer and CrossFit Kids trainer.  These varied methods have helped me know what brings people the kind of fitness that leads to life-long health and body excellence.

I am blessed to serve others by “putting it all together” with Rhino 10/10! I think you will find it a thorough, easy plan to attain and keep fantastic health well into your 80’s, 90’s, and 100+!