Cholesterol Medications–Do They Fix Your Heart Problem?

Cholesterol medications are one of the #1 profit generators for the Pharma industry.  Profits are in the 10’s of BILLIONS of dollars.  PROFITS! But are they really saving lives?  Are there alternatives to taking these medications when you are told you have HIGH CHOLESTEROL? Why do we get high cholesterol?  Is it because we don’t…

Our Clients Speak!

This is what a few of our clients have said about our RHINO program.  We are so excited to deliver this level of service to the North State…home of the world’s greatest people!

How Can Breathing Change My Stress?

Breathing correctly can change your life!  A psychiatric-journal article discusses how controlled breathing can reduce anxiety and help your overall sense of well-being.  Great article! I have observed that a lot of people carry more stress than is helpful or necessary.  I was just talking with a woman this morning, mother of 3 lovely daughters….

Can I Lose Weight And Keep It Off?

Over the last 25 years of coaching health and fitness, I’ve seen a LOT of people who are able to diet for a short while, but can’t keep weight off! One of the more common questions I get is, “Doc, how can I stay fit?”  The truth is, it IS possible to get and stay…

Mobility and YOU

“Mobile, Agile, Hostile!”

It’s not just a line from Remember The Titans.  And you may not want to be hostile.  But you DO want to remain mobile and agile throughout life.  When our joints are immobile, they don’t work as well and they don’t last as long.  Most likely you know someone who has had a joint replacement.  A knee, hip shoulder, etc…they will most likely tell you that it is a blessing.  And isn’t that an AMAZING advancement?

What is Work Capacity?

“…And let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.”–Hebrews 12:1 NASB

Who knows what will be thrown at us?  It is said that at the Zombie Apocalypse they’ll eat the slow and the weak ones first.  I don’t want to be either slow or weak.  I may not win an Olympic Gold Medal, American Ninja Warrior or the CrossFit Games, but I do want to be able to enjoy my life.  

So You Want To Make Me a Powerlifter…?

Do I have to wear one of those super-tight lifting suits and those ugly shoes?

No, we don’t want to make you into a powerlifter (though, if you DO want to become one, we’ll definitely help you.)  We do find, however, that most people want to be able to safely pick up their children and grandchildren.  They want to be able to throw a ball around, walk easily, get through their day without pain, not have to constantly sit out of fun activities, and to remain independent as they age.  

The Cohen Perceived Stress Index

It has been said, “The world needs more love and less paperwork.”  

We agree.  So RHINOS use the Cohen Perceived Stress Scale because it is simple, quick, and accurate for measuring someone’s recent stress levels.  It is important to know how much stress is affecting our lives, as stress has been implicated to cause or exacerbate nearly every negative condition known to man.  And regardless of what happens to a person, it is how it affects that person that matters.  

Food Allergy Testing

“Doc, wouldn’t I know if I were allergic to a certain food?

My cousin Delroy is allergic to shellfish and OH MAN it’s scary if he even comes near the stuff.”  That’s the type of question I get regularly.  The answer is, “Yes and no.”  There are two types of allergies in the food world that a regular person trying to get healthy needs to understand.  One is the kinds Delroy gets, and the other is what all of us experience at some level every single day.

Posture And Health

In any science, structure determines function.

Think about it…physics, mechanics, anatomy, biology, chemistry, biochemistry, a slight change in the structure changes the whole system.  Your body is the same way!  It turns out there is an absolute normal for structure in the body.  It has been widely studied.

What is Heart Rate Variability Measurement? Why do I need it?

We are thankful to have the Pulse Wave Profiler to measure states of health and dis-ease, and overall balance in the nervous system. 

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and its measurement have become the gold standard in observing and managing stress reactions in cardiology, sports performance and psychology practices. HRV testing is a simple and accurate test that uses complex mathematical calculations to analyze the rates and rhythms of the resting heart beat pattern.

What Is A Subluxation? How Does It Affect My Health?

A vertebral subluxation is when you have one or more bones out of alignment in your spine.

Researchers all over the world have found that there is a normal alignment for your spine.  As you may know, your brain and your spinal cord (your central nervous system, or CNS) are encased in bone.  Your CNS controls and regulates every cell, tissue, organ, and function in your body.  Your breathing, your moods, your energy, digestion, immune system, elimination system, and EVERYTHING are totally dependent on the function of the nerves housed in your skull and spine.

Why Test Blood?

A critical part of our Rhino program is taking a look “under the hood” at different indicators of health and early detectors of disease processes.

We have often had people come in and they just had a physical with their family doctor and received a “clean bill of health.”  Yet they feel lousy and they know something is not quite right.  Well they’ve skipped some key measurements, or mis-interpreted the factors that were measured.

Body Fat and Your Health

We all want to look good, but other than that, why is it important to keep our body fat in check?

Excess weight has been implicated in myriad illnesses. You probably already know that excess weight is linked to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, certain cancers, and even depression. The statistics are staggering (20 times more likely to develop diabetes according to a Harvard study.)

Christians & Meditation

I am a Christian.  Is it appropriate for me to do this meditation and yoga? This is an extremely important question, and one that deserves significant prayer and thought.  Certainly what we do in terms of our minds, hearts, and bodies matters a great deal to God and can influence us powerfully either toward or…