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Rhino 10/10 was founded by teacher and clinical consultant to chiropractors all over the world, Dr. Todd Royse. 

As an Ironman Triathlete & Marathoner, and competitive CrossFitter, nutrition, and fitness have always been at the forefront of his passions. His drive for helping others led him to become a certified CrossFit Trainer and Kids CrossFit Trainer, which allows me to mentor others to follow their health and fitness dreams.

During his pre-med training at UCLA, he was an EMT, volunteer at the on-site Med Center, and a personal fitness trainer to many A-list stars in Malibu. Dr. Royse learned a lot about human performance and coaching while seeing medicine in action.

While at school, Dr. Royse had a severe mountain bike crash that left him with a fractured spine and 3 broken ribs. The pain was unbearable, and the only solution doctors were giving him was medication after medication. After seeking every type of healthcare imaginable, he was finally led to an amazing chiropractor who worked at the Fitness Club where he was employed. (Thank you God!) At this point, he knew nothing about chiropractic care. This fantastic chiropractor nurtured Dr. Royse back to amazing health, and showed him how hard our bodies can work for us! It changed his life.

After this life-changing experience, he knew his calling was chiropractic care. God gave him the open door to serve others with the same care and knowledge that helped him. For the past 19 years, Dr. Royse avidly pursued changing lives through advanced chiropractic care and the tools of healing he had been given through other disciplines. As a team, Rhino 10/10 and Chiropractic First have seen so many wonderful transformations in over 10,000 patients!

Taking It Further, with Rhino 10/10

In 2013, Dr. Royse’s wife was diagnosed with cancer. He wanted to do anything possible to dive deeper into what makes our bodies heal. After diligent research, it was easy to see that our bodies give us clues when something is “off”, and we can manage those with the right tools! We pursued every possible avenue of health and healing, creating Rhino 10/10. As self-proclaimed healing super-heroes, Dr. Sprout & Green Girl can now help others with these tools.

The methods we’ve created allow us to attain amazing levels of health that we can maintain well into our 80’s, 90’s, and 100+! Rhino 10/10 is “putting it all together” by combining chiropractic care, fitness and overall wellness for a better, longer, fuller life.This is a philosophy that Dr. Royse not only believes in, but has seen it work for personal, for his family, and thousands of other members in our community of Redding, California.

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Dr. Todd Royse

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Diedre Royse

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