Can I Lose Weight And Keep It Off?

Over the last 25 years of coaching health and fitness, I’ve seen a LOT of people who are able to diet for a short while, but can’t keep weight off!One of the more common questions I get is, “Doc, how can I stay fit?” The truth is, it IS possible to get and stay fit. It just takes some initial effort to change your habits.A great coach of mine once said, “Everyone in the world is already 100% disciplined.”To which I intelligently replied, “Huh?  If they were so disciplined, they wouldn’t be so unfit, so bad with money, so…” (you get the idea.)He explained, “we are all 100% disciplined to our current HABITS.”Which is true. Changing HABITS takes time and effort.  And it often takes support from someone who cares and who has seen it all and helped many folks do it.To learn more about our 10-week program, register for our next event hereCheck out this video: